The promotional products industry is notorious for plastic. While reusable items do serve to eliminate single use plastics (like water bottles or tote bags), it is still plastic complete with the material intensive production and waste byproducts. Much of the innovation in our industry isn’t around new products themselves, but new materials, and this year several of our suppliers have developed some very attractive products using Wheat Straw.

Wheat Straw, like many fibrous plants can be used to make any number of rigid goods that would ordinarily be made of plastic. Not only are they sturdy, but they can handle hot liquids, conform to food grade requirements, are  gluten free (it’s true!)and will fully compost.  Best of all, these products use about 30% less raw materials to produce an item and far fewer toxic chemicals in the processing of wheat straw.

And to top it all off, they’re pretty things.

Click here to see the Festival Wheat Straw Lineup


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