About Festival

Festival is more than just a fine swag provider

We’re the company you love to work with. It’s in our DNA.

Whether it’s a product you never dreamt possible, pulling off a miraculous timeline, or managing highly complex parameters, you’ll find yourself saying, “wow, I love Festival.”

We are proud of our reputation for delivering on what we promise.

We work with the makers of fine goods and the highest regarded decorators in the country to bring you fine swag.

We partner with clients.

We increase their visibility.

We communicate their philosophy.

We deliver ROI.

Our mission is to be the company you love to work with and that can happen in a number of ways. We believe a promotional product is an extension of the brand and we think beyond just pens and mugs.

We create products that people are excited to use. Proud to wear. Delighted to receive.

If you’re tired of the same old promotional gear and want help looking beyond the pen, then give us a call and let us take you to the next level.

We often get asked “What’s hot?” and we never really have a good answer because “What’s hot” isn’t always (rarely) what’s right.

Fidget Spinners were hot. Selfie Sticks were hot.

We’d much rather get to know your brand and curate a collection of items specifically for you.