“They’re a bunch of jerks”

– Don Cherry on the Carolina Hurricanes

If you hadn’t heard, the Carolina Hurricanes have become famous for their choreographed win celebrations this season. They’ve done everything from Duck Duck Goose, to a home run with a bat flip, to a heavyweight boxing match. Don Cherry, the long time commentator on Hockey Night in Canada was not impressed, calling the Canes a ‘Bunch of Jerks.’ Not an unusual line of critique from Grapes, but where this story gets interesting, is where the Hurricanes and their local promo supplier quickly put together the Bunch of Jerks tshirt campaign and sold over 10,000 at last check and were shipping all over North America. The label has become a galvanizing force for the team and they’ve gone 13-6 over their last 19 games and are currently holding a playoff spot.

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