It’s been quite the year. For many companies, us included, the adaptation to the new normal has been swift and bumpy. Yet, here we are closing in on the holidays and ready to provide memorable experiences. There probably won’t be any office parties this year, but it’s still necessary to acknowledge and thank your staff and clients. Perhaps more important than ever. That’s why we’ve created a number of programs and tools to help you send gifts, say thank you, and do so in the safest way possible.

Perfectly Packaged!

This option is for those that want to pick from a pre-defined menu of items, provide a list of addresses and have the gifts show up to their recipients. If that’s you, then Perfectly Packaged is the way to go. And the best part? All of the usual fees are included! There’s no charge for the box, the card, the individual packing, the tissue paper, or individual labeling. All you pay for is the postage to your recipient. The only requirements are that you meet the minimum order quantity of your selected products, and the contents of the box are $55 or more. Click to see options for our Perfectly Packaged mailing program.


Lumpy Mail!

If you’ve ever read the origin story of Netflix, you’ll know they started out sending DVD’s in the mail. The business model was genius and paved the way for the Netflix we know (and depend on) today. The unsung here of the Netflix story, however, is the mail. The reason Netflix was able to build a business was because they were using lettermail rates, as opposed to parcel rates. Lettermail is considerably less expensive than parcel and the maximum allowed dimensions are bigger than you might think. In Canada, you can send a package up to 500 grams, which is roughly 100 sheets of printer paper.  Socks, masks, journals, keychains, wireless charging pads colour books etc are all great examples of promotional items that be sent by through the mail. It doesn’t even need to be flat, like a magazine or a journal, hence the name: Lumpy Mail!

Sending Lumpy Mail is perfect when you have a large number of gifts and you want to keep costs low, and ordinarily a Lumpy Mail campaign would come with a number of administrative headaches, but your friends at Festival have those figured out already!

1. What qualifies for Lumpy Mail?
– Just click below to see a list of items!

2. I have thousands of recipients, I can’t get every home mailing address!
– Not a problem. We can set up a simple teaser website, just like this one: Not only will the site do all the address collection for you, it also gives you another touch point with your clients.

3. Okay, so I have all their addresses, do I have to label them all and put stamps on them?!
– No way! Festival will take care of all that for you. By digitally collecting the address information and labelling at the time of manufacture, the only thing left to do is pop them in the mail when they arrive.

4. That’s amazing!
– We know. 🙂

Click here to see the Lumpy Mail Collection