A year in the making…6 months to go!

If you’ve been following our company over the years, you know that we are always engaged in a large scale philanthropic project using our medium, swag. For the longest time, we were the creators of the MoScarf, the official scarf of Movmber Canada and during it’s run we raised around $50,000 for men’s health initiatives. 

After Movember, we took a quick break to find our next big project, and that’s when Monopoly fell into our lap. In order to pull this project off, we would have to sell each property, game card, token, utility and railroad to businesses and organizations in Ottawa and then, using this sponsorship money, we’d be able to fund several thousand units of the game, which would be sold to the general public. 100% of all funds raised from the project will then be donated to Ottawa children’s charities, including Big Brothers Big Sisters of Ottawa and Do it for Daron and Youth Mental Health Programs at the Royal Ottawa.

We are proud to announce that sponsorship of the game is now complete! This means the project is officially a go, and by the end of the year, with expected sales, we’ll be donating over $100,000 to our charities. Given the magnitude of this product, and the production time, it will not be in inventory very long, so please pre-order your copy in advance!

Pre-Purchase your copy of Monopoly Ottawa.