Full disclosure, we don’t print Martello’s tshirts, but as a Kanata company we’ve been given a front row seat to a demonstration of the simple power of a Tshirt.

Bruce Linton used to be the Chariman and CEO of Canopy Growth, the largest cannabis company in the world, and at his time of departure the company was worth roughly 20 Billion dollars. He is currently Canada’s most famous CEO. Like Elon Musk or Steve Jobs, he was the face of a company that was leading an innovative industry.  He’s also involved with several other companies in the Ottawa area, including Martello Technologies.

In early July, the announcement came out that Bruce was no longer the CEO of Canopy and shortly thereafter, Bloomberg, CNBC and other business media outlets arranged interviews with the now-ex CEO. On air, he wore a simple black tshirt with the Martello Tech logo on the front. Google searches for Martello increased, but the most impressive action came on the stock market. The morning of the Canopy news, Martello (TSXV: MTLO) stock was trading at .19 CAD per share. In the coming days it would hit a peak of $0.99 CAD, before settling back.. At it’s peak, the share price represented a $150 Million dollar increase in the value of the company.

Martello is a solid company, backed by great technological and business minds, and a lot of people would agree it’s a good investment. The Bruce Tshirt merely put a spotlight on a great company and showed people a valuable investment. But it was the Tshirt that started the buying frenzy.  A $15 tshirt turned into $150,000,000 in Market Cap.